Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rwanda, Running, Music

1. I am going to Rwanda on Thursday for two weeks on a short term contract with the World Bank as part of a team that will teach statistics, program impact evaluation, and Stata programming to public health school faculty and government health ministry folks.

2. This may be premature, but I may finally have my running mojo back. I did a nice 4-hour run today, and I've been running semi-consistently lately. For shorter distances I've been running laps around a big grassy park that's only two or three blocks from the house in my Vibram Five Fingers.

3. I saw the Dodos live in concert with the 26-piece Magik Magik Orchestra a couple weeks ago and Slow Club on Wednesday. Both were great. I've been liking the band Blind Pilot the past few days.

4. MRB turned me on to the blog of ultra-runner Anton Krupicka. I don't read many blogs of other ultra-runners, but I like his. Perhaps that's just because, like me, he hates driving to trailheads and runs there instead, or perhaps he's really a cool guy.


  1. Rwanda? Wow.
    BTW, thanks for coming down to C2M.

  2. Hi, we don't know each other but I read your blog occasionally. I'm also a runner and a PhD student in statistics. I'm wondering how you arranged the teaching opportunity in Rwanda? That sounds fantastic.

  3. I'm in with this organization called CEGA ( The affiliated professors do stuff like this fairly often. So do the profs associated the Poverty Action Lab and Innovations for Poverty Action.