Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting Intimate with the Kigali Public Golf Course

I'll be spending this week working closely with two of the workshop participants helping them answer their specific questions about Rwanda's community-based health insurance (Mutuelle). The project as a whole is about results-based financing (RBF) of health clinics, but there's pretty good panel data on all sorts of health-related topics. For more info on a bunch of RBF-related projects that the Bank is running, go here.

The people I'm working with had to go back to their regular jobs, so we meet in the evenings and I have days to myself. I'm doing a little work on my own military recruiting research idea and doing a lot of running--the new hotel is on the nicer outskirts of town, complete with a public golf course and tons of tiny squatted farm plots, so I can find dirt roads to run on and the air is much better than it was downtown.

site of the workshop

Nicolas Sarkozy on US health care reform: "Welcome to the club of states who don't turn their back on the sick and the poor." Love it.

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