Monday, January 26, 2009

Stimulus Package (the real one, not my IM football team)

Facebook is killing personal blogging, but just for (six months ago) old time's sake, here are some links.

In honor of my not liking U2's new single very much, here's a belated link to a review of Chinese Democracy by the person most qualified to write such a review, Chuck Klosterman, my hipster idol.

The true story of a lobotomy performed on a 12-year old at the insistence of his (evil?) step-mom. I learned about this from the NPR show To the Best of Our Knowledge, which usually isn't so depressing.

My buddy Schnapp turned me on to a great blog about transit and smart land use in the Washington DC area called Greater Greater Washington. I really like this post about the capability of transit as exemplified by inauguration day. I guess is sort of the equivalent for the bay area, but posts there don't seem to be quite as frequent.

Speaking of transit, it is getting the shaft in the proposed stimulus package. TPM says so, and GGW says so, in addition to saying that the stimulus should be less tax-cuts and more infrastructure. I could not agree more, and I wish Krugman and Reich were in charge instead of Summers. Finally, Transbayblog has a description of a possible amendment to the stimulus package to include more transit. Read it and call the head of the committee to make sure the amendment gets to the floor.

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