Thursday, December 18, 2008

Listen to Fresh Air, Become Smarter. Fly a Jetpack, Become Deader.

I feel dumb because I'm not really sharing anything insightful, but I thought I should let everyone know how great a radio show Fresh Air is. On the subject of the religious left, I really liked the interview with Richard Cizik, who extremely disappointingly lost his job because of the tolerant things he said in the interview. Also, there's an interview with Frank Schaeffer, who was big in the early days of the anti-abortion movement, but has since reversed his position.

I caught up on these, and other Fresh Air episodes while grading finals the past few days. During the recent 50K I also listened to Where's My Jetpack? by Daniel H. Wilson. As the subtitle declares, it's about "the amazing science fiction future that never arrived." That future includes jetpacks, flying cars, underwater hotels, ray guns, space colonies, and robot servants, among other things. Apparently a lot of these things actually exist, they're just the size of large trucks and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they also suck. The book was entertaining to listen to while running, but that's about it.

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