Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yesterday Was Saturday

I spent the last few days in Truckee having a great "what the hell am I doing in grad school?" time climbing Castle Peak, hiking through abandoned train snow-sheds, and attending the Pacific Crest Trail Association's TrailFest. In the 6 years since I've hiked the AT, I'd never once been to any of the typical hiker parties. This wasn't quite the hiker-reunion I'd hoped it would be, although it was fun and I did see several hikers I hadn't seen in a while. Hopefully I'll also be able to make it to the PCT kickoff (AKA the ADZPCTKO) or the ALDHA-West Gathering (AKA the ALDHA-West Gathering) this year.

My friend approaching a false summit.

Me on the summit.

On the PCT just south of Castle Pass.

Now I'm back in Berkeley. I puked this morning, and now I have to grade a bunch of papers. Sweet.

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