Monday, March 10, 2008

New Words to Help Popularize

I would like to popularize two words/phrases. The first is "hobophobia," meaning to be scared of homeless people. I heard this word in a funny story involving sleeping by the train tracks in Mt. Shasta City from a guy on the CDT, and I thought he made it up, but you can find stuff about the condition all over the web. Heck, you can even purchase a VIP treatment program. Maybe it's even in DSM-IV.

The other term is "b'n&m'n" or just "b&m'n," which are both short for bitching and moaning, i.e. complaining. I'm doing a lot of it today since I have a cold and have to grade a bunch of papers.


  1. Everything is in the DSM.

    And maybe to cure hobophobia you send people to this website. Or maybe that's to cause it. I always get those confused.

  2. PS: It's Hannah. Congrats, I'm your newest blog stalker. Minus the stalker bit.