Saturday, November 03, 2007

Las Vegas, NV

Thursday we drove through Sedona, nearly vomited after eating a Burger King sandwich with "warm buttery-tasting bread," and hiked the popular trail up the west fork of Oak Creek Canyon. The leaves were changing and the canyon was spectacular. We drove into Flagstaff and saw Into the Wild. I was very happy that Sean Penn didn't ruin it, and of course, I absolutely loved it; I totally identified with everything in it, including all the on-location scenery. Yesterday we visited Petrified Forest NP and Walnut Canyon NM and gave a sort of crazy hitch-hiker a ride to Vegas, where we're crashing at my buddy Nielsen's house. I say sort of crazy because when he told Marcus he just got back from 10 years as a marine in Iraq, Marcus asked him if he'd been to Kabul, Iraq or Islamabad, Iraq, and he said he'd been to both. I think his stories about ranching might've been at least partly true though. Probably headed to Joshua Tree next.

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  1. aunt Beth4:06 PM

    hey Garret,
    I had Grandma here and wanted to show her some of your pictures. we had fun reading about your hike. A friend of mine just lent me her copy of "Into the Wild" telling me I would really enjoy it. I told her it reminded me of my nephew...I love 'House' and anything else that I have read by Tracy Kidder. 'Stranger Than Fiction' is on the list of great movies for Michael and I. did you like it? Grandma is wondering what you will do now...
    aunt beth