Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Alternate from Delmoe Junction/Butte to Yellowstone?

If anyone intimately familiar with the CDT happens to read my blog, do you know the details of a route from Delmoe Junction near Butte, MT to Lewis Junction on the Dogshead trail near Lewis Lake in Yellowstone NP? It's mentioned at the southern end in the CDTS guidebooks, but I don't know if it's described in detail anywhere. Does anyone do this route? It says it's much shorter, and it seems like it would facilitate hiking north-south across all of Yellowstone, so that would be cool, and if it was much shorter and didn't skip something cool in southern Montana, then if I do it soutbound it might give me time to hike the San Juans again rather than taking the Creede cutoff.

Thanks for any info.

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    you're freakin awesome man...keep it up...i still don't have a sux...oh well, keep on truckin