Friday, June 08, 2007

Lake City, CO

Garret called me June 6 at 6:38 AM to give me an update. The only open business was a bakery with no indoor waiting space, so I guess the phone booth was as warm as anything. He had spent the night stealth camping outside of town and was waiting for the post office to open.

First, mad props Namie Bacile for lending Garret some snowshoes and to Anya and Joe for putting him up in Pogosa Springs. Thanks guys.

Garret hiked almost all of high route of the San Juans which in his estimation are easily the baddest mountains in lower 48. He did take one shortcut because he was blown off a pass by a snowstorm. While shortcutting he almost drowned. He didn't give many details on this, just that he almost drowned. Oh, and his camera got soaked so there might be no pictures for the first 1/6th of his trip. But really--he almost drowned. He's okay now.

Lastly, he asked me to pronounce a pox on Lake City for overpriced touristy hotels where he could not find a room since they are all closed by 8 PM. He had a backup place to stay with an Applied Maths professor he had met on the trail, but it seems dude was expecting urgent communications since the fax machine was the only thing on the phone line all night long.

In short, he sounds good and is having a blast.

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